サウンドパック「Melodic Trip Vibes」クリエイター・Juan Sebastián Barqueroインタビュー

Soundmain Storeにて提供中のサウンドパックを制作したクリエイターへのインタビューを掲載。今回は「Melodic Trip Vibes」を制作したJuan Sebastián Barqueroさんです。

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「Melodic Trip Vibes」には、アンビエントな音楽作品の制作に使えるさまざまなメロディーとテクスチャが含まれています。 表現力豊かなメロディック・テクノミュージック、オルタナティヴ・ダンスミュージックのサウンドで、あなたの作品に新しいレベルのメランコリックなバイヴスを与えることができます。リスニングにも、フロアユースにも適した音を見つけることができます。

The Melodic Trip Vibes pack has a variety of melodies and textures that can be used to ambient your musical production. With the characteristic and expressive sounds of Melodic techno and Alternative dance, you could turn your production to a new level of melancholic vibe. You could find a sound you can either hear and enjoy or dance to.



The appeal to me is the opportunity to create music every day and share all your knowledge to a lot of people that could need that specific sound that you can create and know how to.



There’s something cool about creating specific music sounds that can facilitate the music production and make others’ lives easier. I think the appeal is to share your knowledge with others, the sound of a genre that you know very well. Making sound packs is the outcome of analyzing the music you like and probably hear every day.




Since I started to study music and enter the musical world, I always had one thing in my head, that as a music producer I wanted to share that sound that makes you unique and special. That sound that makes people want to work with you because of the uniqueness. Becoming an Artist is my goal and making sound packs is a cool way to become better and organized, and I like that.

I discovered something great about working in this kind of music production, like I said above, sharing your knowledge of something you know how to do with people that could use that knowledge is fulfilling. The next step in my career is to share the music I make as an artist and music producer with every person that I possibly can.






My advice for you is to practice and analyse what you want to create. Every genre has an especifica sound, can be the drums or a specific synth line, drop, sfx, etc.

You need to have in mind that you’re not the only one making sound packs and the sound quality out there is Great!

So, when you’re making the pack you have to be sure about the quality you’re about to share.

It is your creation and that says a lot about you. One last thing and a very important part of making sound packs is the demo, you need a solid demo that describes at best the soul of your pack.